This blog is operated by Ken Miller, Professor of Christian Theology at Evangelical Theological Seminary, Myerstown, PA, who is solely responsible for postings.  The premise is that the biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, consummation provides an interpretive lens through which to see and think about the events, movements, and cultural expressions which constitute much of the world we inhabit.

Dr. Miller is a speaker at churches, Bible conferences, and colleges.  He has also pastored churches on both full-time and interim arrangements.   His interests are in the interactions between theology and contemporary thought and culture, including questions about theology and science.

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  1. Yes, the biblical narrative is the only clear lens of truth and interpretation of all that happens (and has happened) in this world around us. “God’s order” (those institutions, relationships and regulations for life which God has established in time for the good of mankind and revealed in the Bible for the praise of the glory of His grace) show us how life is SUPPOSED to work. The reason life DOESN’T work for most folks is because we’ve exchanged Heaven’s lens for those made in China (and other such places on this fallen planet.)

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