Meth-Heads; Got Guns? (Bad News Week, Part 1)

Maybe it’s a violation of the apostle Paul’s advice to think on the positive things. Maybe it’s a wary eye cast over the shoulder in order to see the value of that advice. Maybe it’s a tip of the hat toward a friend’s survivalist, gloom-and-doom expectations. Maybe it’s a plea to face the reality of life in the world today, or perhaps a way of asking what Jesus would have us do about problems that we do not face directly–but could face in the future. Or a bit of all of the above.

The attention this week is on a number of issues that cannot be taken as good news. We will, however, ask what the good news might be in these situations, what our responses should and should not be, and whether or not we can expect anything to improve. The items are taken from a link forwarded to me by said friend, which I’ll provide for those who are interested. We’ll take these issues one at a time in daily posting this week. The first is the matter of illegal drugs, especially “meth.” For starters, this from the article:

<emIt isn't talked a lot about anymore, but the meth epidemic in America is getting worse. According to PBS, there are approximately 1.4 million meth users in America. Meth is unbelievable addictive and it can absolutely destroy your life. If you doubt this, just check out these before and after pictures.
Sadly, there are indications that meth use is on the rise once again. According to the DEA, meth seizures increased from 2,839 in 2007 to 6,168 in 2010.
When you take meth, it can literally make you crazy. The following is from a recent USA Today article….
A mother in Bakersfield, California, was sentenced Tuesday for stabbing her newborn while in a meth rage. An Oklahoma woman drowned her baby in a washing machine in November. A New Mexico woman claiming to be God stabbed her son with a screwdriver last month, saying, "God wants him dead."
Large numbers of meth addicts turn into thieves when they run out of money. Often, they will steal just about anything they can in order to get money for their next hit. Some things that meth addicts have stolen recently include agricultural plumbing, copper wiring and lawn sprinklers.
And making meth can be extremely dangerous as well. U.S. hospitals are filled with thousands and thousands of uninsured burn patients that were horribly burned while trying to make "shake and bake" meth.
The following comes from a recent Daily Mail article….
It is filling hospitals with thousands of uninsured burn patients requiring millions of dollars in advanced treatment – a burden so costly that it is contributing to the closure of some burns units.
So-called 'shake-and-bake' meth is produced by combining raw, unstable ingredients in a two-litre bottle.
But if the person mixing the noxious brew makes the slightest error, such as removing the cap too soon or accidentally perforating the plastic, the concoction can explode, searing flesh and causing permanent disfigurement, blindness or even death.
A survey of key hospitals in America's most-active meth states showed that up to a third of patients in some burns units were hurt while making meth, and most were uninsured.
But of course meth is just one of the highly addictive drugs that are plaguing our youth. There are many other nightmarish drugs that could also be discussed. Nearly every community in America is dealing with some sort of a drug problem, and despite the "war on drugs" this crisis just seems to keep getting worse every single year.

Perhaps some readers have been touched by this problem in one way or another; but it is, for now, out of sight and mind for most of us. The contention of the article, however, is that the increasing desperation of those caught up in the search for drugs will eventually threaten more and more “common” citizens in more and more “typical” communities. When it happens, how should people be prepared to defend themselves against those who threaten the safety and security of home and family? Or should the proverbial other cheek be offered in all circumstances? Should Christians all have guns to use? Should they hope the non-Christian neighbor has one and will come to the rescue?

And what about the word to the addicted ones? What sort of good news do you have for them? And what good news do you have for those who are potentially, but not yet involved?