Invitation to Lent

As noted in my previous post, I will be giving the next several week to a series of reflections for Lent. Traditionally, it is a series of reflections on our actions and habits that preoccupy our thoughts and prayers during Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday I will ask that we reflect as much on the thoughts about “the way things are” as on the things we do. Think of it as a renewing of the mind making way for the transformation of our very selves.

What I would really like to see from this is a series of prayers coming from the readers, prayers which are thoughtfully suited to the theme of the text, either as fleshed out in my written thoughts or as another thought is stirred in you as you read the same text. Instead of comments on the post itself, then, we will (I hope) have prayers from those of you who care to contribute. These in turn will lead to greater reflection and prayer among those who follow the blog.

That’s my dream for the next several weeks, through the traditional forty days. There will be no posts on Sundays (unless I am unusually overcome by a pressing burden to write). So look for the series to begin Wednesday, March 9. As always, I am grateful for those who follow and for those who contribute their thoughts to this page.